What’s Up in Gamification #17: US Election Special

Hours away from the election results, professional political campaigners in the U.S. must already be busy poring over data, analyzing both camps’ strategies and tactics, and revising their arsenal. One instrument that is certain to feature more prominently in the election campaign toolbox after 2016 is gamification.  

Besides the official apps released by both campaigns, the Apple App Store and Google Play offer a plethora of news, poll tracking, and voter motivation apps, as well as a variety of satirical and more or less openly partisan, Trump-punching, Hillary-bashing, wall-building, and e-mail sorting mobile games, all of which can be useful for future reference and development of full-fledged gamified platforms.

The official apps:

Hillary 2016


Hillary Clinton has gamified the election with her new app, QUARTZ

Clinton Campaign App Taps into Mobile Game Craze, The Hill

Clinton camp resurrects dead Facebook tool, Politico

America First


Amazingly, Donald Trump’s New App Is Not a Joke, Gizmodo

Is Trump’s New ‘America First’ App Designed to Connect White Nationalists?, Blue Nation Review

Trump’s “America First” mobile app offers badges and “many more features” coming soon, Fast Company

Jane McGonigal’s Pokemon Go inspired Swing Voter Go! 

Inside The Election Video Game That Was Built To Defeat Donald Trump, CSEC World Congress

Anti-Trump election game comes from MoveOn.org and game scholar Jane McGonigal, VentureBeat

The Underbelly: Swing Voter Go!, Ludonarrative Assonance

Parodies and controversies

Turn your Clinton and Trump burns into points with new app, CNET

Prepare for the Clinton-trump Debate with a Political Drinking Game, Kill Screen

‘Hide It Hillary’ mobile app game banned by Apple; titles like ‘Punch Trump’ approved, The Washington Times

So you’re foolish enough to make satire for the App Store, Medium

Voter motivation

Tech really wants to fix this election, TechCrunch

Need to Register to Vote? There’s an App for That, MediaFile


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