Gamification: what’s it all about?

You’re lying comfortably on your couch. From there, you see the pile of dishes stacked in your sink. Problem: between the kitchen and you, there is an X-Box (or a PS4, we’re not judgemental).

The question pops in your head: Do I want to do the dishes or should I rather level up in Skyrim / loot new weapons in GTA?


Let’s be honest, if you pick the the answer “dishes”, you won’t enjoy it much.

But if while doing the dishes, you could get a level and unlock the skill “improved saucepan scrubbing” or get a “Sponge +2 immune to ham fat”?

And if you had an interactive timer linked to a leaderboard to challenge your friends on a “washing up” race?


A sponge in its natural environment. Not really sexy, nor useful for washing up the dishes.


A sponge in its urban environment. Still not sexy, but very useful for washing up.


Not a sponge at all. Very sexy but more useful to behead dragons than scrub burnt grease off.


Granted, you may still choose video games. But admit at least that doing the dishes would be a lot less dull.

And that’s what gamification is all about.


On principle, this can work for everything:

  • Make potential customers discover your product, site, app.
  • Learn a foreign language.
  • Do the dishes.
  • Create a community around a common objective and keep this community active and inter/intra-connected.

Beyond the principle, it can have a concrete impact on…

Your website, your company, your resume, your work place: long story short, on everything that affects you in your own life !

And this is want we want to talk about in this blog.

Welcome to the wonderful world of GAMIFICATION! (CAPS LOCK and exclamation mark, yeah!)


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