Octalysis Prime, the new project by Yu-Kai Chou

Learn gamification in a gamified way. Here is a project by Yu-Kai Chou, one of the most influential gamification specialists, via a crowdfunding campaign. The goal has been reached less than one day after the project was launched!


Only 12 hours after its launch, the project Octalysis Prime by  gamification pioneer Yu-Kai Chou reached its $15,000 goal on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

It’s been only a day since the campaign was launched on the site and it has even exceeded its financing goal, having collected $22,000 as we write.

Octalysis Prime is a Gamified Learning Journey where players can learn all about Yu-Kai Chou’s latest research in Behavioral Science, Gamification, and Motivational Psychology through an epic adventure.

In this game, you’ll discover the precepts that this acclaimed gamification consultant has been developing for more than 10 years. They are applicable, according to him, to various domains such as fitness, entrepreneurship, productivity, relationships, sales and fundraising.


What will we find in Octalysis Prime?

The content of this “journey” will mainly be based on Yu-Kai Chou’s work. He’ll publish a weekly video (as he already does on his blog), book summaries (including his own Actionable Gamification), “Live office hours” to answer members’ questions, and case studies. Moreover, the in-game progression  will be displayed by a graphic based on Chou’s framework, Octalysis.

The social aspect is found in the Community Zone, where the users can help each other out.

And obviously, all the gameful elements usually implemented in a gamification process: challenges, items to collect, levels to achieve, powers to unlock, a status evolving within the community, and of course, gold coins to collect.


A chest full of coins, the game design equivalent of the expression “the best broths are cooked in the oldest pans”.


The originality of the game: depending on the challenges, you’ll learn more about one of the 8 Core Drives developed by Yu-Kai Chou and so choose what kind of gamification elements you’ll master. As in a role-playing game. Except that you’re your own character and the way you decide to evolve will matter in real life.

The reason he launched a crowdfunding project doesn’t seem to be in order to finance the game, which seems to be quite advanced already. As he says himself, participating in the funding will not only offer you a better deal (a $50 gift will grant you 6 months access to Octalysis Prime, against a $50 per month fee once the game released), but will also create a community before the release so that there is already a passionate fan base when the game is launched.



If you want to participate in the crowdfunding project, you only have until June the 30th.



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