What’s up in gamification #13

A must for your calendar: 30 world-class experts reveal how to boost engagement and tap into the power of gamification in the Product Gamification Summit, Oct 6-15! Meanwhile, revisit some dos and don’ts with an infographic and two articles about essentials and common pitfalls in workplace gamification; meet two young women entrepreneurs in edu game development in our featured interviews with the founders of @67GamesSA and @ImmersedGames. The quote of the week comes to us from South Africa and Regina Kgatle: “If they can’t learn the way we teach, we teach the way they learn.” Continue reading What’s up in gamification #13

What’s up #9

What are the latest hot topics in gamification? Four ways to transform e-learning through gamification. Five misconceptions about gamification design. The use of gamification in banking and in call centers. And a useful reminder about emplyee engagement: gamification is a tool, not the whole toolbox! Continue reading What’s up #9

Work from Home at Work: Office Design for Employee Engagement

Engrossed (as we often are on this blog) in gamification theory and practice, we may sometimes forget what it’s essentially about – creating engagement and unleashing creativity and fun. We know how crucial game design is for retention and monetization. Today companies are realizing that workspace design could be an equally powerful tool to motivate and engage employees. Continue reading Work from Home at Work: Office Design for Employee Engagement