What’s up in gamification #13

A must for your calendar: 30 world-class experts reveal how to boost engagement and tap into the power of gamification in the Product Gamification Summit, Oct 6-15! Meanwhile, revisit some dos and don’ts with an infographic and two articles about essentials and common pitfalls in workplace gamification; meet two young women entrepreneurs in edu game development in our featured interviews with the founders of @67GamesSA and @ImmersedGames. The quote of the week comes to us from South Africa and Regina Kgatle: “If they can’t learn the way we teach, we teach the way they learn.” Continue reading What’s up in gamification #13

What’s up #12

Lots of climbing in the gamification news: An augmented reality climbing wall and an app to make you climb stairs instead of using the elevator. Also: How to get inspiration from a simple browser-based video game to become a better teacher. ; and how to motivate rehab or even make it fun. Finally, the thought of the week: “Gamification is not about fun, it’s about engagement”. Continue reading What’s up #12

What’s up #10

What are the latest topics in gamification? An infographic about education gamification ; the use of gameful design in learning ; why you get more done when you gamify your life ; a focus on fun and happiness at work ; 3 ways to recruit thanks to gamification ; and improving driving behaviour. Continue reading What’s up #10

What’s up? Focus on PokemonGo!

Pokemon Go is THE game everyone is talking about. This app can be (and will be) used in fitness, education, marketing, among many other areas. But what is Pokemon Go? A gamified app? A game with augmented reality? An exergame? The answers in our press review of the week! Continue reading What’s up? Focus on PokemonGo!

What’s up #6

“If we’re reading just to get a badge, then we’re reading for all the wrong reasons.” This week, read the story of this teacher who got a bad experience with extrinsinc rewards. Also: examples of gamification in public transport, cybersecurity and engagement. Plus the question: “Gamification: So what separates the winners from the losers?” Continue reading What’s up #6

Character sheet: Gabe Zichermann, the boredom slayer

Games are good for us all. They are good for our children. They sharpen their minds and keep them motivated. Because all we want – and what makes gamification successful according to Gabe Zichermann – are the 3 F: feedback, friends and fun!


Continue reading Character sheet: Gabe Zichermann, the boredom slayer