What’s Up in Gamification #27: Corporate eLearning

Gamification can bring huge benefits to corporate onboarding and ongoing training by boosting motivation and engagement, making the process more enjoyable, and building employee commitment to organizational goals. Continue reading What’s Up in Gamification #27: Corporate eLearning

What’s up #11

In gamification news: the top 9 gamification elements of a top gamifier; the scientific foundation of another top gamifier’s framework; the gamification of a news item; a good reminder on how to succeed in gamified corporate learning; 5 gamified components for your app; and the question of the week: Why should young researchers push for gamification? Continue reading What’s up #11

What’s up #10

What are the latest topics in gamification? An infographic about education gamification ; the use of gameful design in learning ; why you get more done when you gamify your life ; a focus on fun and happiness at work ; 3 ways to recruit thanks to gamification ; and improving driving behaviour. Continue reading What’s up #10