What’s up #12

Lots of climbing in the gamification news: An augmented reality climbing wall and an app to make you climb stairs instead of using the elevator. Also: How to get inspiration from a simple browser-based video game to become a better teacher. ; and how to motivate rehab or even make it fun. Finally, the thought of the week: “Gamification is not about fun, it’s about engagement”.


  • Watch People Play ‘Pong’ on a Rock Wall With Augmented Climbing


  • FusionHR1 launches stair climbing gamification platform to help employees keep fit while at work


  • What Self-Reflection, Professional Development and Video Games have in common.


  • Incorporating gamification concepts, these devices make the work of rehab motivating and sometimes even fun.


  • Gamification can be fun but it’s not about fun. It’s about engagement.



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