What’s up? Focus on PokemonGo!

Pokemon Go is THE game everyone is talking about. This app can be (and will be) used in fitness, education, marketing, among many other areas. But what is Pokemon Go? A gamified app? A game with augmented reality? An exergame? The answers in our press review of the week!


  • 27 Game Techniques PokemonGo Used to Capture the World


  • Ways to use pokemongo in the classroom


  • PokémonGo might be the fastest-growing unintentional health app


  • ‘PokemonGo’ –  a spotlight on gamification


  • PokémonGO Becomes an Unexpected Advocate for Urban Exploration


  • PokémonGO: What is it? Game, Gamification, Exergame, AR …?


  • PokémonGO is not Gamification! (It’s a game!)



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