What’s up in gamification #14

The current focus on customer-centric experiences has led to increased interest and stepping up of gamification efforts in the financial sector. This week’s picks include 5 overview articles and two award-winning apps, all in the field of banking and financial services gamification.


Martin Häring, chief marketing officer at Misys, for Digital Marketing Magazine:

“Gamification isn’t a panacea but it is one tool that can help banks increase customer engagement and meet these challenges. It doesn’t need to be ‘the next big thing’. It can simply be a staple element of a bank’s proposition, like mobile banking and online banking.”


  • Gamification: Why Banks Should play Harder


  • Playbasis and Gamification in the financial services industry


  • Banks Employ Cognitive Automation and Gamification to Personalize Services


  • Gamification in Banking: From Transactions to Experiences


  • The Gamification Of Savings


  • Micro-investing app @acorns honored with Mobile Technology Award

Acorns was just honored with the Innovation in Mobile Technology Award by the Orange County Technology Alliance


  • Best Prepaid Innovation 2016: D2Dfund’s SavingsQuest



Featured image: SavingsQuest by Commonwealth



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