What’s up in gamification #16

This week is marked by the year’s biggest event focused on Engagement, Gamification and Enterprise Solutions based on Games – the Gamification World Congress Conference, Madrid, Oct 26-27. Our What’s Up is dedicated to the 5 finalists for the Award “GWC Best Contribution to Industry 2016”, who are also among the 40+ reputed speakers at GWC 2016:

Yu-kai Chou (The Octalysis Group)

His Talk at #GWC16: “The Golden Era of Game-Based Solutions”

The importance of understanding Behavioral Science in gamification solutions, as well as methodologies to apply intrinsic motivation design over incentive-based extrinsic motivation systems.

Andrzej Marczewski (Gamification Nation)

His talk at #GWC16: “Practical Play”

Practical advice on creating more playful experiences and how / why that is important.


Kevin Werbach (The Wharton School)

His talk at #GWC16: “Research-based Gamification”

This talk will identify key principles from scholarship that can be applied directly to practice.



An Coppens (Gamification Nation)

Her workshop at #GWC16: “Is your Design Inclusive?”

How different gender and age personas react to gamification designs and applications.



Pete Jenkins (Gamification+)

His talk at #GWC16: “Small Gamification”  

What good is gamification for small businesses?



Playlist: GWC16 The 5 Finalists for the Award “GWC Best Contribution to Industry 2016”



Finally, if you are not already in Madrid for the GWC Conference, here are 10 reasons why you should regret not attending 🙂









Featured image: collage pics from GWC Conference

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