What’s Up in Gamification #18: The Insurance Industry

As “one of the last big offline industries” and possibly one of the most customer-UNfriendly ones,  the insurance industry can now only go the way of rapid customer-centric digitization. And gamification can be instrumental in this process.


“It’s time for insurers to understand that gamification can enable agents to open doors to many experiences that customers need, and most importantly, offer the platform to stay engaged, especially for millennials.” (Infosys Gamification PoV)

The present What’s Up includes overview articles by Forbes, and The Insurance Journal on opportunities opened up by FinTech innovation, IoT, and gamification; the Raconteur Future of Insurance Report, which identifies “focus on gamification of processes” as one of the top trends shaping insurance in 2016; a point-of-view report on gamification in insurance by Infosys; and an article about Sureify – the while label digital platform that incorporates gamification to help insurers sustain lifetime customer engagement.


  • How Insurtech Is Rapidly Changing Insurance And Health Tech Industries


  • Future of Insurance Report


  • Gamification in Insurance: Playing to Win


  • Will Gamification be the Game Changer in Insurance Distribution?


  • The Salesforce.com of Insurance Engagement



Featured image: Sureify


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