What’s Up in Gamification #19: Employee Engagement

Non Fun Fact of the week: 65% of employees feel they don’t get enough recognition. This is immediately related to the universally deplored lack of engagement in the workplace and one area where performance gamification can be instrumental. Yet, asks Causecast founder Ryan Scott,  do we even know what employee engagement is?


This week we invite you to start with the fundamental question “Do You Even Know What Employee Engagement Is?”, then check out the live report from Office Vibe with real-time data on the state of employee engagement.

Read up on the topic with Bunchball’s white paper, Using Gamification to Engage Employees, and follow up with a couple of recent articles from Benbria Loom and Futurum making the case for workplace gamification.

To get you ready for the new, millennial dominated workforce, TATA Consultancy Services suggest ways to build “digitally enabled engagement”. While you’re on the topic, bookmark this list of “Top Employee Engagement Software Products” by Capterra.

It’s almost the end of the year and a good time to review Gal Ramon’s 2015 predictions about “5 Trends that Will Drive Employee Engagement in 2016” on GamEffective.

And to finish on a lighter note, check out: What Game of Thrones Can Teach Us About Employee Engagement, from The Contact Company blog 🙂












Featured image: Office Vibe Real-Time Engagement Report


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