What’s up in gamification #20 – focus on digital marketing

“Gamification is the future of digital marketing” and “the future is now”, to use two of the highlighted titles this week. If you still need convincing, check out this selection of 2016 articles on the impact and uses of gamification in digital marketing, as well as an oldie-but-goodie Top 10 List from our favorite gamification guru, Yu-Kai Chou! We owe our quote of the week to Craig Munitz, CBR Marketing Solutions:


“Embracing gamification on their digital platform is likely to futureproof an organisation.”


  • 4 Reasons Gamification is the Future of Digital Marketing  


  • The Digital Marketing Future Is Now


  • Another Win for Digital Marketing: 4 Gamification Methods That Increase Conversions


  • Why gamification could be the answer to your marketing woes


  • HelloWorld: Think like a game designer on your next marketing program


  • Always worth revisiting this 2013 Top 10 list by Yu-kai Chou


Featured image: HelloWorld , Getting Started With Gamification


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