What’s Up in Gamification #22

This week’s diverse sample of news and articles reflects the variety of useful applications of gamification itself. Topics range from cybersecurity training and retirement saving, through event and lifestyle gamification, to the basic mechanics driving gamification in the workplace.


Our highlighted quote is by Georgie Mann, Director of Green Hat People UK, a company that designs interactive experiences that enhance corporate communication and learning:

“Gamification taps into our love of competition and achievement. It is also about reward, giving us that feeling of satisfaction and happiness. It’s why playing games can be so compelling and so much fun. It doesn’t feel like work – unlike many meetings and events.”


  • 10 Mechanics That Drive Gamification


  • Cybersecurity gamification: A shortcut to learning


  • ‘Gamification taps into our love of competition and achievement’


  • How To Gamify A Conference


  • Playing games with pensions: Can gamification help boost retirement saving?


  • 4 Ways That Gamification Can Change Your Life



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