What’s up in Gamification #25: Marketing

This week’s selection: the benefits and pitfalls of gamification in marketing; how to optimize customer retention through gamification; brand activation through gamified experiences; gamification in the context of content marketing; 5 mobile solutions for marketing, and 4 gamification strategies for business.


Highlighted quote of the week comes from Shalina Chatlani on Marketing Dive:

Don’t let points become pointless

Doing gamification well is all about understanding how consumers respond to rewards and then leveraging this in relation to a product or service, something that marketers often struggle with.


  • How marketers can level-up their gamification strategies


  • Play time: Why you should add gamification to your content strategy


  • After the Purchase: Optimizing Customer Retention Through Gamification


  • The Art of Creating Wow- Gamified Brand Actications in Action


  • 4 Gamification Strategies For Business – Can You Find Yours?


  • 5 Mobile Solutions for Marketing, @ojooGWA 




Featured image: OJOO


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