What’s Up in Gamification #27: Corporate eLearning

Gamification can bring huge benefits to corporate onboarding and ongoing training by boosting motivation and engagement, making the process more enjoyable, and building employee commitment to organizational goals.


As per eLearning Trends And Predictions For 2017,  

Gamification will continue to be a strong strategy to create high-impact, immersive learning. It will also leverage on eLearning, microlearning and social learning to multiply its impact.


The articles below explore various trends in elearning and gamification, the available range of gamification features and mechanics for use in corporate training, and specific digital learning experiences such as ‘learning quests’ and the Quizbiz social game.


  • 8 Questions Answered: Why You Should Adopt Gamification For Corporate Training


  • How Does Gamification Affect the Learning Process?


  • 7 eLearning Gamification Elements to Get the Most Out of Serious Games


  • Next-Generation eLearning: Learning Quests


  • Gamification is Still on the Corporate Training Radar in 2017


  • Quizbiz – Corporate Social Game



Featured image: elearningindustry.com


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